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CFS International offers a depth of knowledge and a proven expertise in credit insurance products. As trade credit insurance professionals with many years of experience, we understand the business and its issues and how credit insurance can help your business.


We tailor trade credit insurance programs to respond to the needs of companies in a variety of industries, including chemicals, computers, food products, forest products, pharmaceuticals, electronics, textiles, and equipment. Whatever your company's particular objectives, we can provide the solution you need.

How do you manage the credit risk associated with your accounts receivable?


Accounts receivable are your company's main source of cash flow, and often represent the largest unprotected asset on the balance sheet. The unanticipated bankruptcy of a major customer or the effect of a series of smaller defaults can erode cash flow and damage in the bottom line.


With credit insurance, you can protect your accounts receivable against non-payment caused by insolvency, protracted default or political risk. It allows you to expand sales while successfully managing the impact of unanticipated events of non-payment.


Who can benefit from credit insurance?


A broad range of businesses can benefit from credit insurance, including manufacturers, processors, distributors of goods, or service companies that sell on credit terms and:


  • Concerned about the effect that a large loss would have on their balance sheet.

  • Keen to strengthen their credit and risk management by transferring risk of customer non-payment.

  • Wanting to minimize risk concentration when consolidation of industries creates greater exposures from a small number of customers.

  • Uncomfortable with foreign risks arising from export sales.

  • Interested in increasing export sales by offering more competitive payment terms to foreign customers.

  • Looking to improve borrowing capacity or to lower borrowing costs.



Options to meet your needs.


CFS International helps you tailor a credit insurance policy to meet your unique needs. We work with top credit insurance companies to offer you several options to insure the accounts receivable of your business:


  • You may insure your domestic and/or your export sales.

  • You may have a choice of insuring either all your credit customers or just your key credit customers (those with a specific sales volume or credit limit).

  • You may request that the policy cover insolvency risk or comprehensive non-payment risk.

  • You have a choice of a named-buyer policy or granted discretion in approving insurance on your customers without insurance company's prior review.


What advantages does credit insurance provide?


Fueled by the challenges of today's competitive marketplace, companies are increasingly integrating credit insurance into an overall financial, credit and risk management strategy. Credit insurance provides companies with a powerful management tool for safeguarding accounts receivable and exploiting the financial potential of credit sales.


Whatever your company's particular objectives, credit insurance can provide you the advantages you need to:


  • Expand sales in an increasingly competitive environment.

  • Obtain more attractive bank financing.

  • Satisfy auditor concerns regarding level of bad debt reserves.

  • Alleviate concern about high buyer exposures.

  • Effectively deal with challenging industry or foreign country conditions.



For more information on Credit Insurance and how we can help you build a tailored credit insurance program for your business, call us at 1-877-CFS-INTL, or email us at and one of our credit insurance specialists will contact you.

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